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gene_id species strand chr type
ATR0210G047 atr + AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00165 coding
ATR0789G001 atr - AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00036 coding
ATR0618G194 atr + AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00029 coding
ATR0322G009 atr + AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00104 coding
ATR0706G162 atr - AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00057 coding
ATR1125G094 atr - AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00079 coding
ATR0752G004 atr + AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00062 coding
ATR0026G048 atr - AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00136 coding
ATR0807G151 atr - AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00044 coding
ATR0582G288 atr + AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00016 coding
ATR0026G015 atr + AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00136 coding
ATR0706G189 atr - AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00057 coding
ATR0580G085 atr - AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00019 coding
ATR0598G353 atr - AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00024 coding
ATR0217G010 atr - AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00160 coding
ATR0693G202 atr + AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00003 coding
ATR0680G152 atr - AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00009 coding
ATR0772G095 atr + AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00030 coding
ATR0706G172 atr - AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00057 coding
ATR0618G079 atr - AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00029 coding

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