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gene_id species strand chr type
Bradi2g06520 bdi + Bd2 coding
Bradi1g09560 bdi + Bd1 coding
Bradi3g53520 bdi + Bd3 coding
Bradi1g67330 bdi - Bd1 coding
Bradi1g36670 bdi + Bd1 coding
Bradi1g08301 bdi - Bd1 coding
Bradi2g12390 bdi + Bd2 coding
Bradi1g67180 bdi - Bd1 coding
Bradi3g07500 bdi + Bd3 coding
Bradi2g47880 bdi + Bd2 coding
Bradi4g05917 bdi + Bd4 coding
Bradi4g34100 bdi + Bd4 coding
Bradi2g07390 bdi + Bd2 coding
Bradi2g18347 bdi - Bd2 coding
Bradi2g14840 bdi + Bd2 coding
Bradi2g07420 bdi - Bd2 coding
Bradi4g45190 bdi + Bd4 coding
Bradi2g40390 bdi - Bd2 coding
Bradi1g66990 bdi - Bd1 coding
Bradi2g41500 bdi + Bd2 coding

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