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gene_id species strand chr type
SMO246G0010 smo - scaffold_112 coding
SMO114G0148 smo - scaffold_15 coding
SMO198G0019 smo + scaffold_45 coding
SMO347G0346 smo + scaffold_7 coding
SMO246G0019 smo - scaffold_112 coding
SMO246G0008 smo - scaffold_112 coding
SMO143G0003 smo + scaffold_24 coding
SMO143G0226 smo + scaffold_24 coding
SMO364G0782 smo - scaffold_1 coding
SMO367G1286 smo + scaffold_0 coding
SMO198G0044 smo + scaffold_45 coding
SMO235G0040 smo + scaffold_53 coding
SMO172G0014 smo + scaffold_32 coding
Spipo24G0018500 spo - pseudo24 coding
Spipo24G0018800 spo - pseudo24 coding
Spipo24G0019000 spo + pseudo24 coding
Spipo25G0004200 spo - pseudo25 coding
Spipo25G0004100 spo - pseudo25 coding
Spipo0G0115000 spo - pseudo0 coding
TAE00201G002 tae + TGACv1_scaffold_621856_7DS coding

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