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gene_id species strand chr type
Potri.011G108300 ptr + Chr11 coding
Potri.011G108201 ptr + Chr11 coding
Potri.001G388900 ptr + Chr01 coding
Potri.001G388100 ptr + Chr01 coding
Potri.T062200 ptr - scaffold_64 coding
Potri.001G388300 ptr + Chr01 coding
Potri.T061900 ptr - scaffold_64 coding
Potri.001G388600 ptr + Chr01 coding
Potri.001G388200 ptr + Chr01 coding
Potri.001G387900 ptr + Chr01 coding
Potri.011G047300 ptr - Chr11 coding
Potri.001G388400 ptr + Chr01 coding
Potri.004G156500 ptr - Chr04 coding
Potri.001G388000 ptr + Chr01 coding
Sobic.007G068300 sbi + Chr07 coding
Sobic.010G192700 sbi - Chr10 coding
Sobic.006G181400 sbi + Chr06 coding
Sobic.007G068700 sbi - Chr07 coding
Sobic.006G181300 sbi + Chr06 coding
Sobic.003G322100 sbi - Chr03 coding

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