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gene_id species strand chr type
PH01002431G0280 ped - PH01002431 coding
PH01000603G0990 ped + PH01000603 coding
PEQU_13875 peq + Scaffold000114 coding
PEQU_13877 peq + Scaffold000114 coding
PEQU_06757 peq + Scaffold000428 coding
PEQU_11707 peq - Scaffold000878 coding
Pp3c15_5370 ppa - Chr15 coding
Pp3c24_11260 ppa + Chr24 coding
Pp3c5_6310 ppa - Chr05 coding
Pp3c9_1620 ppa - Chr09 coding
Pp3c18_15100 ppa - Chr18 coding
Pp3c22_11130 ppa + Chr22 coding
Pp3c18_12100 ppa + Chr18 coding
Pp3c21_15340 ppa - Chr21 coding
Pp3c19_20540 ppa - Chr19 coding
Pp3c15_5450 ppa + Chr15 coding
Potri.004G038500 ptr - Chr04 coding
Potri.T062050 ptr - scaffold_64 coding
Potri.001G388800 ptr + Chr01 coding
Potri.011G047200 ptr - Chr11 coding

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