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gene_id species strand chr type
Mapoly0032s0136 mpo - scaffold_32 coding
Mapoly0145s0011 mpo - scaffold_145 coding
Mapoly0121s0016 mpo - scaffold_121 coding
Mapoly0145s0009 mpo - scaffold_145 coding
Mapoly0145s0012 mpo + scaffold_145 coding
Mapoly0206s0001 mpo + scaffold_206 coding
Mapoly0994s0001 mpo - scaffold_994 coding
Mapoly0654s0001 mpo + scaffold_654 coding
Mapoly0071s0078 mpo + scaffold_71 coding
Mapoly0038s0002 mpo - scaffold_38 coding
Mapoly0121s0018 mpo - scaffold_121 coding
Mapoly3320s0001 mpo - scaffold_3320 coding
Mapoly0117s0055 mpo - scaffold_117 coding
Mapoly0117s0058 mpo + scaffold_117 coding
Mapoly0967s0001 mpo - scaffold_967 coding
Mapoly0024s0006 mpo + scaffold_24 coding
Mapoly0106s0029 mpo + scaffold_106 coding
Mapoly0091s0043 mpo + scaffold_91 coding
Mapoly0145s0006 mpo - scaffold_145 coding
Mapoly0038s0001 mpo + scaffold_38 coding

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