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gene_id species strand chr type
MAC04G0929 mac + chr8 coding
MAC03G1302 mac + chr7 coding
MAC08G3116 mac - chr10 coding
MAC06G0941 mac + chr6 coding
MAC04G0335 mac - chr8 coding
MAC03G2778 mac + chr7 coding
Mapoly0145s0008 mpo + scaffold_145 coding
Mapoly0134s0001 mpo + scaffold_134 coding
Mapoly0038s0004 mpo - scaffold_38 coding
Mapoly0038s0003 mpo + scaffold_38 coding
Mapoly0038s0112 mpo + scaffold_38 coding
Mapoly0084s0022 mpo - scaffold_84 coding
Mapoly3313s0001 mpo + scaffold_3313 coding
Mapoly0084s0086 mpo + scaffold_84 coding
Mapoly0391s0001 mpo + scaffold_391 coding
Mapoly0024s0005 mpo - scaffold_24 coding
Mapoly0237s0004 mpo + scaffold_237 coding
Mapoly0237s0005 mpo + scaffold_237 coding
Mapoly0032s0137 mpo + scaffold_32 coding
Mapoly0121s0020 mpo - scaffold_121 coding

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