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gene_id species strand chr type
Aco031384 aco + scaffold_2800 coding
Aco030359 aco - scaffold_2306 coding
Aco002927 aco - LG06 coding
Aco016536 aco + LG11 coding
Aco009348 aco + LG22 coding
Aco026806 aco + LG05 coding
Aco005644 aco - LG11 coding
Aco009003 aco + LG09 coding
Aco005533 aco + LG11 coding
Aco005970 aco - LG16 coding
Aco007580 aco - LG08 coding
Aco005799 aco + LG11 coding
Aco003268 aco + LG17 coding
Aco010416 aco + LG03 coding
Aco012648 aco - LG05 coding
Aco025704 aco + scaffold_945 coding
Aco020768 aco - LG22 coding
Aco010564 aco - LG07 coding
Aco012261 aco + LG01 coding
Aco010369 aco - LG03 coding

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