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gene_id species strand chr type
Aco009682 aco - LG01 coding
Aco018577 aco - LG01 coding
Aco019349 aco - LG05 coding
Aco025794 aco - LG14 coding
Aco006003 aco - LG16 coding
Aco010004 aco + LG10 coding
Aco010789 aco - LG10 coding
Aco002828 aco - LG06 coding
Aco009938 aco + LG10 coding
Aco005073 aco - LG07 coding
Aco007862 aco - LG21 coding
Aco023651 aco - LG14 coding
Aco003832 aco + LG15 coding
Aco017772 aco + LG21 coding
Aco003540 aco + LG17 coding
Aco005725 aco - LG11 coding
Aco023138 aco - LG19 coding
Aco020314 aco + LG10 coding
Aco013181 aco - LG24 coding
Aco009520 aco + LG01 coding

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