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gene_id species strand chr type
PH01004822G0020 ped + PH01004822 coding
PH01001487G0440 ped - PH01001487 coding
PEQU_05628 peq + Scaffold000107 coding
PEQU_15541 peq + Scaffold000188 coding
PEQU_27519 peq - Scaffold000544 coding
Pp3c12_23680 ppa + Chr12 coding
Pp3c3_21750 ppa - Chr03 coding
Pp3c2_3830 ppa - Chr02 coding
Pp3c5_3380 ppa + Chr05 coding
Pp3c10_7850 ppa + Chr10 coding
Pp3s155_110 ppa + scaffold_155 coding
Pp3c1_38160 ppa + Chr01 coding
Pp3c10_15580 ppa - Chr10 coding
Pp3c13_15150 ppa + Chr13 coding
Potri.006G069700 ptr + Chr06 coding
Potri.019G022700 ptr - Chr19 coding
Potri.014G034200 ptr + Chr14 coding
Potri.018G131700 ptr + Chr18 coding
Potri.006G044900 ptr - Chr06 coding
Potri.008G106600 ptr + Chr08 coding

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