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gene_id species strand chr type
MAC02G2960 mac + chr9 coding
MAC08G1461 mac + chr10 coding
MAC04G2090 mac - chr8 coding
MAC01G2190 mac - chrUn_random coding
MAC04G1051 mac + chr8 coding
MAC04G0881 mac + chr8 coding
MAC10G0070 mac + chr11 coding
MAC02G1913 mac - chr9 coding
MAC05G1954 mac - chr5 coding
MAC06G0788 mac + chr6 coding
MAC06G1137 mac + chr6 coding
MAC06G2986 mac + chr6 coding
MAC05G1194 mac - chr5 coding
MAC04G1686 mac - chr8 coding
MAC08G1078 mac + chr10 coding
MAC06G2345 mac - chr6 coding
MCO11G315 mco - Chr_02 coding
MCO13G016 mco - Chr_09 coding
MCO09G084 mco - Chr_03 coding
MCO05G358 mco - Chr_05 coding

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