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gene_id species strand chr type
Aco015439 aco + LG23 coding
Aco015145 aco - LG24 coding
Aco031222 aco - scaffold_2417 coding
Aco011656 aco + LG08 coding
Aco008532 aco + LG09 coding
Aco012812 aco - LG03 coding
Aco009379 aco + LG22 coding
Aco024299 aco + LG07 coding
Aco003789 aco - LG15 coding
Aco020531 aco - LG19 coding
Aco010853 aco + LG12 coding
Aco001267 aco + LG02 coding
Aco009547 aco - LG01 coding
Aco008483 aco - LG19 coding
Aco000971 aco + LG02 coding
Aco013123 aco - LG25 coding
Aco000972 aco + LG02 coding
Aco029704 aco + scaffold_1709 coding
Aco012298 aco - LG01 coding
Aco023599 aco + LG09 coding

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