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gene_id species strand chr type
MAC11G0754 mac + chr1 coding
MAC05G1858 mac - chr5 coding
MAC06G0801 mac - chr6 coding
MAC09G2456 mac - chr4 coding
MAC01G2928 mac + chrUn_random coding
MAC11G2770 mac - chr1 coding
MAC05G2945 mac + chr5 coding
MAC09G0332 mac + chr4 coding
MAC06G3065 mac + chr6 coding
MAC09G2835 mac - chr4 coding
MAC12G2123 mac - chr2 coding
MAC09G1589 mac - chr4 coding
MAC04G2288 mac - chr8 coding
MAC08G1130 mac + chr10 coding
MAC03G2372 mac - chr7 coding
MAC07G2883 mac + chr3 coding
Mapoly0005s0001 mpo + scaffold_5 coding
Mapoly0055s0027 mpo + scaffold_55 coding
Mapoly0055s0025 mpo - scaffold_55 coding
OB03G18980 obr - 3 coding

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