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gene_id species strand chr type
PEQU_03982 peq - Scaffold000002 coding
Pp3c2_12420 ppa - Chr02 coding
Pp3c2_4230 ppa - Chr02 coding
Pp3c12_2640 ppa + Chr12 coding
Potri.T070101 ptr - scaffold_331 coding
Potri.001G461600 ptr + Chr01 coding
Potri.011G160000 ptr - Chr11 coding
Potri.011G163100 ptr + Chr11 coding
Potri.001G459200 ptr + Chr01 coding
Potri.011G158700 ptr + Chr11 coding
Potri.011G167100 ptr - Chr11 coding
Potri.011G159900 ptr - Chr11 coding
Potri.011G156000 ptr - Chr11 coding
Potri.001G462400 ptr + Chr01 coding
Potri.001G462800 ptr + Chr01 coding
Potri.001G463300 ptr + Chr01 coding
Potri.011G158300 ptr + Chr11 coding
Potri.011G162666 ptr + Chr11 coding
Potri.012G034700 ptr - Chr12 coding
Potri.011G159800 ptr - Chr11 coding

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