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gene_id species strand chr type
PAB00009785 pab - MA_10430302 coding
PAB00030064 pab - MA_186285 coding
PAB00025965 pab + MA_162773 coding
PAB00034608 pab + MA_260168 coding
PH01001063G0380 ped + PH01001063 coding
PH01000383G0200 ped + PH01000383 coding
PH01000795G0520 ped - PH01000795 coding
PH01003893G0010 ped + PH01003893 coding
PEQU_25692 peq - Scaffold001312 coding
PEQU_12297 peq + Scaffold000522 coding
PEQU_13358 peq + Scaffold000531 coding
PEQU_12295 peq + Scaffold000522 coding
PEQU_10467 peq + Scaffold000090 coding
PEQU_40252 peq + Scaffold173453 coding
PEQU_12296 peq + Scaffold000522 coding
PEQU_12298 peq + Scaffold000522 coding
PEQU_13359 peq + Scaffold000531 coding
PEQU_11069 peq - Scaffold000174 coding
PEQU_29270 peq - Scaffold235930 coding
PEQU_29273 peq - Scaffold235930 coding

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