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gene_id species strand chr type
AT2G46790 ath + Chr2 coding
AT2G25180 ath - Chr2 coding
AT3G56380 ath + Chr3 coding
AT4G31920 ath - Chr4 coding
AT3G04280 ath - Chr3 coding
AT2G40670 ath + Chr2 coding
AT2G41310 ath + Chr2 coding
AT4G16110 ath + Chr4 coding
AT5G26594 ath + Chr5 coding
AT2G27070 ath - Chr2 coding
AT4G00760 ath - Chr4 coding
AT3G23150 ath + Chr3 coding
AT2G01760 ath + Chr2 coding
AT5G62920 ath - Chr5 coding
AT3G16857 ath + Chr3 coding
AT1G19050 ath - Chr1 coding
AT5G61380 ath + Chr5 coding
AT1G68210 ath + Chr1 coding
AT5G24470 ath - Chr5 coding
AT1G66340 ath + Chr1 coding

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