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gene_id species strand chr type
Cre17.g709200 cre + chromosome_17 coding
Cre17.g708650 cre - chromosome_17 coding
Cre12.g504850 cre - chromosome_12 coding
Cre16.g649900 cre - chromosome_16 coding
Cre17.g708200 cre + chromosome_17 coding
Cre06.g274200 cre - chromosome_6 coding
Cre16.g649950 cre + chromosome_16 coding
Cre06.g265250 cre + chromosome_6 coding
Cre17.g709050 cre - chromosome_17 coding
Cre17.g710400 cre - chromosome_17 coding
Cre12.g505500 cre - chromosome_12 coding
Cre06.g273850 cre - chromosome_6 coding
Cre12.g505450 cre + chromosome_12 coding
Cre17.g713500 cre - chromosome_17 coding
Cre06.g273950 cre - chromosome_6 coding
Cre17.g714500 cre - chromosome_17 coding
Cre12.g504750 cre - chromosome_12 coding
Cre12.g506300 cre + chromosome_12 coding
Cre06.g268100 cre + chromosome_6 coding
Cre06.g273900 cre + chromosome_6 coding

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