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gene_id species strand chr type
TAE56682G003 tae - TGACv1_scaffold_002088_1AL coding
TAE32697G001 tae + TGACv1_scaffold_344277_4DL coding
TAE23135G002 tae - TGACv1_scaffold_643142_U coding
TAE05778G001 tae + TGACv1_scaffold_374033_5AL coding
TAE40526G001 tae + TGACv1_scaffold_392922_5AS coding
TAE15187G002 tae - TGACv1_scaffold_061471_1DL coding
TAE05299G002 tae - TGACv1_scaffold_499693_6BL coding
TAE44844G003 tae + TGACv1_scaffold_374774_5AL coding
TAE55377G001 tae - TGACv1_scaffold_528296_6DL coding
TAE44844G005 tae + TGACv1_scaffold_374774_5AL coding
TAE04113G001 tae + TGACv1_scaffold_423449_5BS coding
TAE44900G001 tae + TGACv1_scaffold_434126_5DL coding
TAE20115G002 tae - TGACv1_scaffold_272206_3DS coding
TAE09075G001 tae + TGACv1_scaffold_474771_6AL coding
TAE43019G001 tae - TGACv1_scaffold_033716_1BL coding
TAE43196G001 tae + TGACv1_scaffold_064981_1DL coding
TAE07794G001 tae - TGACv1_scaffold_458092_5DS coding
TAE54888G004 tae - TGACv1_scaffold_000090_1AL coding
TAE37096G002 tae + TGACv1_scaffold_031210_1BL coding
TAE43159G002 tae + TGACv1_scaffold_404453_5BL coding

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