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gene_id species strand chr type
PAB00056872 pab + MA_825192 coding
PAB00007470 pab + MA_10427878 coding
PAB00015534 pab + MA_10435967 coding
PAB00051733 pab + MA_6988536 coding
PAB00008336 pab + MA_10428793 coding
PAB00011377 pab + MA_10431903 coding
PAB00037643 pab + MA_3356 coding
PAB00066322 pab - MA_9960812 coding
PAB00013789 pab + MA_10434358 coding
PAB00036592 pab - MA_309951 coding
PAB00012551 pab - MA_10433097 coding
PAB00054561 pab - MA_7704147 coding
PAB00026986 pab - MA_169131 coding
PAB00020961 pab + MA_125125 coding
PAB00046811 pab - MA_5601 coding
PAB00045488 pab - MA_522835 coding
PAB00043760 pab - MA_48038 coding
PAB00005497 pab - MA_10425814 coding
PAB00045429 pab - MA_5205812 coding
PAB00042330 pab - MA_447149 coding

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