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gene_id species strand chr type
PAB00054003 pab - MA_7570321 coding
PAB00025931 pab + MA_1625746 coding
PAB00003609 pab + MA_10308325 coding
PAB00063356 pab - MA_94284 coding
PAB00063357 pab - MA_94284 coding
PAB00054804 pab - MA_77630 coding
PAB00003384 pab + MA_10295875 coding
PAB00039943 pab + MA_39017 coding
PAB00003610 pab + MA_10308325 coding
PAB00008387 pab + MA_10428846 coding
PAB00039424 pab + MA_37803 coding
PAB00027804 pab + MA_173891 coding
PAB00032097 pab + MA_206374 coding
PAB00055009 pab + MA_78163 coding
PAB00022441 pab - MA_134669 coding
PAB00030016 pab - MA_18599 coding
PAB00000014 pab - MA_10002583 coding
PAB00021920 pab + MA_131287 coding
PAB00062920 pab - MA_9362585 coding
PAB00050522 pab - MA_6658088 coding

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