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gene_id species strand chr type
MAC01G0428 mac + chrUn_random coding
MAC09G1401 mac + chr4 coding
MAC12G0959 mac - chr2 coding
MAC11G2534 mac - chr1 coding
MAC08G2405 mac - chr10 coding
MCO01G752 mco + Chr_01 coding
MCO14G274 mco - Chr_08 coding
MCO12G091 mco + Chr_13 coding
MCO04G272 mco - Chr_10 coding
MCO07G102 mco - Chr_04 coding
MCO05G687 mco + Chr_05 coding
Mapoly0002s0091 mpo + scaffold_2 coding
Mapoly0053s0040 mpo + scaffold_53 coding
Mapoly0013s0110 mpo + scaffold_13 coding
Mapoly0004s0140 mpo - scaffold_4 coding
Mapoly0195s0002 mpo + scaffold_195 coding
Mapoly0113s0057 mpo - scaffold_113 coding
Mapoly0004s0039 mpo + scaffold_4 coding
Mapoly0073s0065 mpo + scaffold_73 coding
Mapoly0016s0116 mpo + scaffold_16 coding

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