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gene_id species strand chr type
Oropetium_20150105_06088 oth - Oropetium_genomic_20141112_008 coding
Oropetium_20150105_27000 oth + Oropetium_genomic_20141112_222 coding
Oropetium_20150105_20333 oth - Oropetium_genomic_20141112_068 coding
Oropetium_20150105_18588 oth + Oropetium_genomic_20141112_055 coding
PAB00022767 pab + MA_136748 coding
PAB00025227 pab - MA_158125 coding
PAB00019128 pab + MA_114043 coding
PAB00036983 pab + MA_319186 coding
PH01000586G0250 ped - PH01000586 coding
PH01000780G0120 ped - PH01000780 coding
PH01000118G1150 ped - PH01000118 coding
PH01000032G2110 ped + PH01000032 coding
PH01001039G0380 ped - PH01001039 coding
PH01000290G0020 ped + PH01000290 coding
PH01003725G0170 ped + PH01003725 coding
PH01006257G0020 ped - PH01006257 coding
PH01000295G0240 ped + PH01000295 coding
PH01000405G0010 ped + PH01000405 coding
PH01000323G0160 ped + PH01000323 coding
PEQU_06268 peq - Scaffold000094 coding

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