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gene_id species strand chr type
Pp3c6_11730 ppa - Chr06 coding
Pp3c6_17340 ppa + Chr06 coding
Pp3c2_36790 ppa + Chr02 coding
Pp3c18_4620 ppa - Chr18 coding
Pp3c6_7030 ppa - Chr06 coding
Pp3c15_24460 ppa - Chr15 coding
Pp3c22_15240 ppa - Chr22 coding
Pp3c16_14810 ppa - Chr16 coding
Pp3c13_1440 ppa + Chr13 coding
Pp3c17_20830 ppa + Chr17 coding
Pp3c4_1360 ppa - Chr04 coding
Pp3c7_17730 ppa + Chr07 coding
Pp3c18_4650 ppa + Chr18 coding
Pp3c1_20050 ppa - Chr01 coding
Pp3s30_90 ppa + scaffold_30 coding
Pp3c5_21420 ppa - Chr05 coding
Pp3c21_21550 ppa - Chr21 coding
Pp3c18_2110 ppa - Chr18 coding
Pp3c16_13660 ppa + Chr16 coding
Pp3c6_15020 ppa - Chr06 coding

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