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gene_id species strand chr type
PEQU_00773 peq - Scaffold000002 coding
PEQU_04208 peq - Scaffold000002 coding
Pp3c2_6520 ppa - Chr02 coding
Pp3s32_693 ppa - scaffold_32 coding
Pp3c16_7610 ppa - Chr16 coding
Pp3c2_16310 ppa - Chr02 coding
Pp3c10_15350 ppa - Chr10 coding
Pp3c17_4020 ppa + Chr17 coding
Pp3c4_27580 ppa - Chr04 coding
Pp3c9_18950 ppa + Chr09 coding
Pp3c9_25160 ppa + Chr09 coding
Pp3c5_3880 ppa - Chr05 coding
Pp3c14_18760 ppa - Chr14 coding
Pp3c3_1510 ppa - Chr03 coding
Pp3c1_32850 ppa - Chr01 coding
Pp3c9_21840 ppa + Chr09 coding
Pp3c10_3860 ppa - Chr10 coding
Pp3c2_5400 ppa + Chr02 coding
Pp3c5_9120 ppa - Chr05 coding
Pp3c21_18040 ppa - Chr21 coding

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