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gene_id species strand chr type
Potri.005G044800 ptr - Chr05 coding
Potri.002G135600 ptr + Chr02 coding
Potri.012G105300 ptr + Chr12 coding
Potri.019G055300 ptr - Chr19 coding
Sobic.002G078300 sbi + Chr02 coding
Sobic.001G175600 sbi + Chr01 coding
Sobic.001G005700 sbi + Chr01 coding
Sobic.005G128100 sbi + Chr05 coding
Sobic.002G280400 sbi - Chr02 coding
Sobic.008G116400 sbi - Chr08 coding
Sobic.009G119900 sbi - Chr09 coding
Sobic.001G370700 sbi + Chr01 coding
Sobic.007G176800 sbi + Chr07 coding
Seita.3G346000 sit + scaffold_3 coding
Seita.3G263000 sit + scaffold_3 coding
Seita.9G402500 sit + scaffold_9 coding
Seita.9G176300 sit + scaffold_9 coding
Seita.6G240000 sit - scaffold_6 coding
Seita.8G133500 sit + scaffold_8 coding
Seita.9G004800 sit + scaffold_9 coding

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