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gene_id species strand chr type
PAB00007418 pab - MA_10427826 coding
PAB00019499 pab - MA_1159542 coding
PAB00007417 pab + MA_10427826 coding
PAB00010108 pab - MA_10430607 coding
PAB00019500 pab - MA_1159556 coding
PAB00035307 pab + MA_27820 coding
PAB00004471 pab - MA_10351596 coding
PAB00009082 pab + MA_10429573 coding
PH01000535G0670 ped + PH01000535 coding
PH01000047G0350 ped - PH01000047 coding
PH01000111G1650 ped - PH01000111 coding
PH01000511G0690 ped + PH01000511 coding
PH01003993G0110 ped + PH01003993 coding
PH01000190G0650 ped + PH01000190 coding
PH01000541G0700 ped + PH01000541 coding
PH01000332G0470 ped - PH01000332 coding
PH01000674G0550 ped + PH01000674 coding
PH01002965G0260 ped - PH01002965 coding
PH01001490G0300 ped + PH01001490 coding
PH01178334G0010 ped - PH01178334 coding

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