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gene_id species strand chr type
PH01004200G0050 ped - PH01004200 coding
PH01000026G2100 ped - PH01000026 coding
PH01002992G0200 ped - PH01002992 coding
PEQU_03899 peq + Scaffold000002 coding
PEQU_04393 peq - Scaffold000002 coding
PEQU_01449 peq + Scaffold000002 coding
Pp3c7_15150 ppa - Chr07 coding
Pp3c24_7050 ppa + Chr24 coding
Pp3c18_21710 ppa + Chr18 coding
Pp3c21_14940 ppa - Chr21 coding
Pp3c18_17830 ppa + Chr18 coding
Pp3c20_15470 ppa + Chr20 coding
Pp3c6_19060 ppa + Chr06 coding
Pp3s42_344 ppa - scaffold_42 coding
Pp3c22_4180 ppa + Chr22 coding
Pp3s42_340 ppa - scaffold_42 coding
Pp3c8_14050 ppa + Chr08 coding
Potri.T030600 ptr - scaffold_32 coding
Potri.008G219000 ptr + Chr08 coding
Potri.009G094800 ptr - Chr09 coding

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