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gene_id species strand chr type
PAB00044837 pab + MA_502892 coding
PAB00004032 pab + MA_103288 coding
PAB00035416 pab - MA_280843 coding
PAB00015563 pab - MA_10435989 coding
PAB00009230 pab - MA_10429734 coding
PAB00038614 pab + MA_35900 coding
PH01000801G0690 ped - PH01000801 coding
PH01000011G1350 ped - PH01000011 coding
PH01000161G0560 ped + PH01000161 coding
PH01001173G0190 ped - PH01001173 coding
PH01004389G0050 ped - PH01004389 coding
PH01087246G0010 ped + PH01087246 coding
PH01000027G1900 ped + PH01000027 coding
PH01000313G0200 ped - PH01000313 coding
PH01000387G0600 ped - PH01000387 coding
PH01004123G0010 ped + PH01004123 coding
PH01000531G0320 ped + PH01000531 coding
PEQU_20369 peq + Scaffold000050 coding
PEQU_08135 peq - Scaffold000552 coding
PEQU_12667 peq - Scaffold000061 coding

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