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gene_id species strand chr type
PH01005299G0070 ped - PH01005299 coding
PH01000303G0070 ped - PH01000303 coding
PEQU_20925 peq - Scaffold235604 coding
PEQU_16446 peq + Scaffold000135 coding
PEQU_27715 peq + Scaffold000218 coding
PEQU_25788 peq + Scaffold218760 coding
Pp3c3_20200 ppa + Chr03 coding
Pp3c16_1640 ppa + Chr16 coding
Pp3c6_12900 ppa + Chr06 coding
Pp3c11_22070 ppa + Chr11 coding
Pp3c5_14660 ppa - Chr05 coding
Pp3c12_14490 ppa + Chr12 coding
Pp3c7_5730 ppa + Chr07 coding
Pp3c11_21000 ppa + Chr11 coding
Pp3c4_7910 ppa + Chr04 coding
Potri.008G148300 ptr + Chr08 coding
Potri.010G093200 ptr - Chr10 coding
Potri.008G217700 ptr - Chr08 coding
Potri.005G027900 ptr + Chr05 coding
Potri.004G132900 ptr + Chr04 coding

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