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gene_id species strand chr type
PH01003083G0110 ped - PH01003083 coding
PH01000767G0400 ped + PH01000767 coding
PH01000863G0540 ped - PH01000863 coding
PH01000432G0600 ped - PH01000432 coding
PH01000258G0100 ped + PH01000258 coding
PH01001236G0180 ped + PH01001236 coding
PH01000258G0150 ped + PH01000258 coding
PH01000863G0580 ped - PH01000863 coding
PH01001592G0470 ped + PH01001592 coding
PH01001592G0400 ped + PH01001592 coding
PH01000767G0370 ped + PH01000767 coding
PH01000725G0030 ped + PH01000725 coding
PH01000454G1000 ped - PH01000454 coding
PH01001592G0390 ped + PH01001592 coding
PH01000863G0530 ped - PH01000863 coding
PH01020604G0010 ped + PH01020604 coding
PH01000458G0760 ped - PH01000458 coding
PH01104847G0010 ped + PH01104847 coding
PH01000863G0750 ped - PH01000863 coding
PH01001081G0420 ped - PH01001081 coding

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