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gene_id species strand chr type
LOC_Os01g70920 osa + Chr1 coding
LOC_Os04g55030 osa + Chr4 coding
LOC_Os08g07400 osa - Chr8 coding
LOC_Os01g27150 osa - Chr1 coding
OsR498G0100968500.01 osaindica + Chr1 coding
OsR498G0409361700.01 osaindica + Chr4 coding
OsR498G0204766600.01 osaindica - Chr2 coding
OsR498G0409362700.01 osaindica + Chr4 coding
OsR498G0102653900.01 osaindica + Chr1 coding
OsR498G0409361500.01 osaindica + Chr4 coding
OsR498G0815285200.01 osaindica - Chr8 coding
OsR498G1221172800.01 osaindica - Chr12 coding
OsR498G0101855100.01 osaindica + Chr1 coding
OsR498G0509739800.01 osaindica - Chr5 coding
OsR498G0100968000.01 osaindica - Chr1 coding
OsR498G0509916000.01 osaindica - Chr5 coding
OsR498G0307172900.01 osaindica + Chr3 coding
OsR498G0408787100.01 osaindica + Chr4 coding
Oropetium_20150105_02926 oth - Oropetium_genomic_20141112_004 coding
Oropetium_20150105_07797 oth + Oropetium_genomic_20141112_018 coding

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