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gene_id species strand chr type
PH01002075G0070 ped + PH01002075 coding
PH01001166G0100 ped + PH01001166 coding
PEQU_23644 peq + Scaffold001196 coding
PEQU_19645 peq - Scaffold000420 coding
Pp3c26_11770 ppa + Chr26 coding
Pp3c13_8460 ppa - Chr13 coding
Pp3c20_3493 ppa + Chr20 coding
Pp3c11_9560 ppa - Chr11 coding
Pp3c23_21620 ppa - Chr23 coding
Potri.006G091800 ptr + Chr06 coding
Potri.003G052800 ptr - Chr03 coding
Potri.001G124700 ptr + Chr01 coding
Potri.001G401400 ptr - Chr01 coding
Potri.004G034000 ptr + Chr04 coding
Potri.010G108700 ptr - Chr10 coding
Potri.011G126400 ptr + Chr11 coding
Potri.008G133000 ptr + Chr08 coding
Potri.001G407900 ptr - Chr01 coding
Potri.011G120400 ptr - Chr11 coding
Potri.015G067800 ptr + Chr15 coding

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