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gene_id species strand chr type
PH01000451G0780 ped + PH01000451 coding
PEQU_17749 peq + Scaffold000434 coding
Pp3c1_37420 ppa + Chr01 coding
Pp3c17_22180 ppa - Chr17 coding
Pp3c14_22920 ppa - Chr14 coding
Pp3c20_2640 ppa - Chr20 coding
Pp3c8_22360 ppa + Chr08 coding
Pp3c2_5780 ppa + Chr02 coding
Potri.001G156100 ptr + Chr01 coding
Potri.013G106800 ptr - Chr13 coding
Potri.002G141500 ptr + Chr02 coding
Potri.014G057300 ptr + Chr14 coding
Potri.T075301 ptr - scaffold_522 coding
Potri.003G078700 ptr - Chr03 coding
Sobic.002G047600 sbi - Chr02 coding
Sobic.002G304900 sbi + Chr02 coding
Seita.2G046800 sit - scaffold_2 coding
Seita.2G317300 sit + scaffold_2 coding
Solyc06g060400.2 sly - SL2.50ch06 coding
Solyc06g064630.2 sly - SL2.50ch06 coding

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