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gene_id species strand chr outlier
PAB00038614 pab + MA_35900 No
PEQU_11447 peq - Scaffold000873 No
PEQU_12666 peq - Scaffold000061 No
PEQU_12667 peq - Scaffold000061 No
PH01000027G1900 ped + PH01000027 No
PH01000313G0200 ped - PH01000313 No
PH01000387G0600 ped - PH01000387 No
PH01000531G0320 ped + PH01000531 No
PH01004123G0010 ped + PH01004123 No
Potri.001G387600 ptr + Chr01 No
Potri.011G107900 ptr + Chr11 No
Potri.011G114200 ptr - Chr11 No
Potri.011G114900 ptr + Chr11 No
Pp3c24_16480 ppa + Chr24 No
Pp3c8_15750 ppa - Chr08 No
Seita.1G195600 sit - scaffold_1 No
Seita.9G080700 sit + scaffold_9 No
Seita.9G492400 sit - scaffold_9 No
SMO230G0090 smo - scaffold_57 No
Sobic.001G458200 sbi - Chr01 No

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