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gene_id species strand chr outlier
Potri.014G019400 ptr - Chr14 No
Potri.014G019500 ptr - Chr14 No
Potri.014G019600 ptr - Chr14 No
Potri.014G019700 ptr - Chr14 No
Potri.017G030300 ptr - Chr17 No
Potri.017G030400 ptr - Chr17 No
Potri.017G030600 ptr - Chr17 No
Potri.017G030700 ptr - Chr17 No
Pp3c22_7050 ppa + Chr22 No
Seita.9G358000 sit + scaffold_9 No
Seita.9G358200 sit + scaffold_9 No
Seita.9G358300 sit + scaffold_9 No
SMO195G0027 smo + scaffold_48 No
SMO288G0004 smo - scaffold_126 No
SMO343G0005 smo - scaffold_8 No
SMO352G0040 smo + scaffold_101 No
SMO352G0079 smo + scaffold_101 No
SMO367G0261 smo + scaffold_0 No
SMO367G0478 smo + scaffold_0 No
SMO367G0930 smo + scaffold_0 No

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