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gene_id species strand chr outlier
Pp3c7_19570 ppa - Chr07 No
Pp3c7_19581 ppa - Chr07 No
Pp3c9_810 ppa + Chr09 No
Seita.7G058500 sit + scaffold_7 No
Seita.9G177700 sit + scaffold_9 No
SMO145G0141 smo - scaffold_22 No
Sobic.001G177900 sbi + Chr01 No
Sobic.006G035600 sbi - Chr06 No
Solyc07g065210.2 sly - SL2.50ch07 No
Solyc09g097860.2 sly + SL2.50ch09 No
Solyc12g098630.1 sly - SL2.50ch12 No
Spipo13G0030100 spo - pseudo13 No
Spipo9G0067400 spo + pseudo9 No
TAE12821G001 tae - TGACv1_scaffold_472145_6AL No
TAE16628G002 tae - TGACv1_scaffold_093921_2AL No
TAE19380G001 tae - TGACv1_scaffold_456867_5DS No
TAE31027G003 tae - TGACv1_scaffold_392741_5AS No
TAE37542G001 tae - TGACv1_scaffold_423318_5BS No
TAE40697G001 tae + TGACv1_scaffold_159064_2DL No
TAE46895G003 tae - TGACv1_scaffold_129357_2BL No

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