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gene_id species strand chr outlier
PAB00000058 pab - MA_1000807 No
PAB00000198 pab - MA_10023347 No
PAB00050809 pab + MA_673728 No
PAB00057213 pab - MA_83286 No
PEQU_02460 peq - Scaffold000002 No
PH01000170G0210 ped - PH01000170 No
PH01000377G0050 ped - PH01000377 No
PH01001341G0330 ped + PH01001341 No
PH01001872G0190 ped - PH01001872 No
PH01002916G0230 ped + PH01002916 No
Potri.002G016200 ptr - Chr02 No
Potri.004G178600 ptr + Chr04 No
Potri.005G245900 ptr + Chr05 No
Potri.008G022100 ptr + Chr08 No
Potri.009G138900 ptr + Chr09 No
Potri.010G237300 ptr - Chr10 No
Seita.1G266200 sit + scaffold_1 No
Seita.8G033300 sit - scaffold_8 No
Seita.9G338100 sit + scaffold_9 No
SMO351G0466 smo - scaffold_6 No

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