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gene_id species strand chr outlier
PEQU_02408 peq + Scaffold000002 No
PEQU_02421 peq + Scaffold000002 No
PEQU_04868 peq - Scaffold000224 No
PEQU_12633 peq - Scaffold000359 No
PEQU_38758 peq + Scaffold233646 No
PH01000005G3620 ped - PH01000005 No
PH01000014G2660 ped + PH01000014 No
PH01004804G0080 ped - PH01004804 No
PH01005769G0010 ped + PH01005769 No
Potri.002G224000 ptr + Chr02 No
Potri.004G002800 ptr + Chr04 No
Potri.011G021100 ptr - Chr11 No
Potri.013G086500 ptr - Chr13 No
Potri.014G159100 ptr - Chr14 No
Pp3c1_32070 ppa - Chr01 No
Pp3c2_3020 ppa - Chr02 No
Seita.1G335000 sit - scaffold_1 No
Seita.2G148600 sit + scaffold_2 No
Seita.3G304100 sit - scaffold_3 No
Seita.4G084300 sit - scaffold_4 No

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