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gene_id species strand chr outlier
PEQU_04687 peq + Scaffold000224 No
PEQU_15829 peq + Scaffold000606 No
PEQU_17350 peq - Scaffold000078 No
PEQU_17351 peq - Scaffold000078 No
PEQU_29629 peq - Scaffold213847 No
PH01000007G2600 ped + PH01000007 No
PH01000286G0030 ped - PH01000286 No
PH01000346G0560 ped - PH01000346 No
PH01002851G0170 ped + PH01002851 No
PH01003362G0140 ped - PH01003362 No
PH01003465G0120 ped + PH01003465 No
Potri.001G138800 ptr - Chr01 No
Potri.008G009800 ptr + Chr08 No
Potri.008G183700 ptr + Chr08 No
Potri.010G049500 ptr - Chr10 No
Potri.010G249300 ptr - Chr10 No
Potri.012G043200 ptr + Chr12 No
Potri.015G030700 ptr - Chr15 No
Pp3c24_12310 ppa - Chr24 No
Pp3c8_16240 ppa + Chr08 No

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