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gene_id species strand chr outlier
Bradi2g25120 bdi - Bd2 No
Bradi2g27647 bdi - Bd2 No
Bradi2g34640 bdi - Bd2 No
Bradi2g57280 bdi - Bd2 No
Bradi3g46110 bdi + Bd3 No
Bradi4g21040 bdi + Bd4 No
Bradi4g40230 bdi + Bd4 No
Cre07.g320950 cre + chromosome_7 No
Cre10.g441050 cre - chromosome_10 No
EGU0168G0003 egu - NW_011551324.1 No
EGU0935G1736 egu - NC_025995.1 No
EGU1474G0528 egu - NC_026005.1 No
EGU1685G2031 egu + NC_025994.1 No
EGU2028G0956 egu + NC_026006.1 No
EGU2621G0077 egu + NC_025997.1 No
EGU2621G1880 egu - NC_025997.1 No
GSVIVG01011162001 vvi + chr8 No
GSVIVG01015122001 vvi + chr11 No
GSVIVG01016791001 vvi + chr9 No
GSVIVG01023128001 vvi - chr12 No

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