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gene_id species strand chr outlier
PH01000399G0130 ped - PH01000399 No
PH01000485G0060 ped + PH01000485 No
PH01001069G0410 ped - PH01001069 No
PH01001424G0270 ped - PH01001424 No
PH01001699G0060 ped + PH01001699 No
PH01001953G0280 ped - PH01001953 No
PH01002608G0210 ped + PH01002608 No
PH01003132G0080 ped + PH01003132 No
PH01003162G0250 ped - PH01003162 No
PH01003184G0070 ped - PH01003184 No
PH01230559G0010 ped - PH01230559 No
Potri.001G374000 ptr - Chr01 No
Potri.003G004100 ptr - Chr03 No
Potri.004G060500 ptr + Chr04 No
Potri.004G061000 ptr + Chr04 No
Potri.004G226400 ptr + Chr04 No
Potri.006G000300 ptr + Chr06 No
Potri.008G061300 ptr - Chr08 No
Potri.010G197200 ptr + Chr10 No
Potri.011G060900 ptr - Chr11 No

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