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gene_id species strand chr outlier
GSVIVG01008419001 vvi + chr17 No
GSVIVG01014181001 vvi + chr19 No
GSVIVG01014250001 vvi + chr19 No
GSVIVG01016457001 vvi - chr13 No
GSVIVG01020651001 vvi + chr12 No
GSVIVG01021253001 vvi - chr10 No
GSVIVG01023225001 vvi + chr12 No
HVU0041G0713 hvu - 5 No
HVU0798G0156 hvu + 1H_unordered No
LOC_Os01g47730 osa + Chr1 No
LOC_Os01g54590 osa + Chr1 No
LOC_Os01g62950 osa - Chr1 No
LOC_Os03g60870 osa - Chr3 No
LOC_Os03g62600 osa - Chr3 No
LOC_Os05g01480 osa + Chr5 No
LOC_Os05g20050 osa - Chr5 No
LOC_Os05g44070 osa - Chr5 No
LOC_Os05g48980 osa - Chr5 No
LOC_Os06g35814 osa - Chr6 No
LOC_Os09g15790 osa - Chr9 No

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