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gene_id species strand chr outlier
AT4G18800 ath - Chr4 No
AT5G45750 ath + Chr5 No
AT5G59150 ath + Chr5 No
AT5G60860 ath + Chr5 No
ATR0012G002 atr - AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00130 No
ATR0210G031 atr - AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00165 No
ATR0314G002 atr + AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00108 No
ATR0314G013 atr - AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00108 No
ATR0314G024 atr + AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00108 No
ATR0564G085 atr - AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00010 No
ATR0602G174 atr + AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00021 No
ATR0737G031 atr + AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00068 No
ATR1136G017 atr + AmTr_v1.0_scaffold00071 No
Bradi1g02100 bdi + Bd1 No
Bradi1g03490 bdi + Bd1 No
Bradi1g38190 bdi + Bd1 No
Bradi2g16480 bdi + Bd2 No
Bradi2g30500 bdi + Bd2 No
Bradi2g39770 bdi - Bd2 No
Bradi2g46060 bdi - Bd2 No

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