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gene_id species strand chr outlier
Bradi1g55370 bdi + Bd1 No
Bradi2g04910 bdi - Bd2 No
Bradi2g05650 bdi + Bd2 No
Bradi2g07770 bdi + Bd2 No
Bradi2g11120 bdi + Bd2 No
Bradi2g16850 bdi + Bd2 No
Bradi2g19367 bdi + Bd2 No
Bradi2g31820 bdi - Bd2 No
Bradi2g33417 bdi - Bd2 No
Bradi2g34030 bdi + Bd2 No
Bradi2g46420 bdi + Bd2 No
Bradi2g49420 bdi + Bd2 No
Bradi3g08667 bdi - Bd3 No
Bradi3g54610 bdi + Bd3 No
Bradi3g55410 bdi - Bd3 No
Bradi4g02580 bdi - Bd4 No
Bradi4g02600 bdi + Bd4 No
Bradi4g35960 bdi - Bd4 No
EGU0139G0859 egu - NC_026003.1 No
EGU0206G0296 egu + NC_025996.1 No

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