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gene_id species strand chr outlier
AT1G15580 ath - Chr1 No
AT1G51950 ath + Chr1 No
AT1G52830 ath - Chr1 No
AT1G80390 ath - Chr1 No
AT2G22670 ath + Chr2 No
AT2G33310 ath - Chr2 No
AT2G46990 ath + Chr2 No
AT3G04730 ath - Chr3 No
AT3G15540 ath + Chr3 No
AT3G16500 ath - Chr3 No
AT3G17600 ath - Chr3 No
AT3G23030 ath - Chr3 No
AT3G23050 ath + Chr3 No
AT3G62100 ath + Chr3 No
AT4G14550 ath - Chr4 No
AT4G14560 ath + Chr4 No
AT4G28640 ath + Chr4 No
AT4G29080 ath - Chr4 No
AT4G32280 ath + Chr4 No
AT5G25890 ath + Chr5 No

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