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gene_id species strand chr outlier
GSVIVG01018622001 vvi - chr16 No
GSVIVG01023135001 vvi + chr12 No
GSVIVG01026518001 vvi - chr4 No
GSVIVG01027356001 vvi - chr13 No
GSVIVG01027359001 vvi + chr13 No
GSVIVG01027652001 vvi + chr15 No
GSVIVG01027653001 vvi - chr15 No
GSVIVG01028040001 vvi - chr7 No
GSVIVG01028041001 vvi + chr7 No
GSVIVG01028264001 vvi - chr7 No
GSVIVG01028265001 vvi - chr7 No
GSVIVG01031164001 vvi - chr14 No
GSVIVG01031165001 vvi - chr14 No
GSVIVG01031322001 vvi - chr14 No
GSVIVG01031323001 vvi - chr14 No
GSVIVG01031667001 vvi - chr5 No
GSVIVG01035108001 vvi + chr5 No
GSVIVG01037344001 vvi - chr6 No
GSVIVG01037348001 vvi - chr6 No
GSVIVG01037349001 vvi + chr6 No

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