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gene_id species strand chr outlier
EGU2211G0801 egu + NC_026002.1 No
EGU2211G1108 egu - NC_026002.1 No
EGU2211G1164 egu + NC_026002.1 No
EGU2219G0001 egu + NW_011553533.1 No
EGU2516G0001 egu - NW_011561126.1 No
EGU2621G0453 egu + NC_025997.1 No
EGU2621G0558 egu + NC_025997.1 No
EGU2621G1566 egu - NC_025997.1 No
EGU2755G0035 egu - NC_026007.1 No
EGU2755G0379 egu + NC_026007.1 No
EGU2755G0386 egu + NC_026007.1 No
EGU2755G0535 egu + NC_026007.1 No
GSVIVG01011699001 vvi - chr1 No
GSVIVG01012639001 vvi + chr10 No
GSVIVG01014999001 vvi + chr11 No
GSVIVG01015000001 vvi + chr11 No
GSVIVG01015019001 vvi + chr11 No
GSVIVG01016667001 vvi + chr9 No
GSVIVG01017687001 vvi + chr5 No
GSVIVG01018620001 vvi - chr16 No

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