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gene_id species strand chr outlier
Pp3c15_4410 ppa + Chr15 No
Pp3c9_8520 ppa + Chr09 No
Seita.5G098100 sit + scaffold_5 No
Seita.9G456900 sit + scaffold_9 No
Seita.J005600 sit + scaffold_11 No
SMO118G0052 smo + scaffold_11 No
Sobic.001G427300 sbi - Chr01 No
Sobic.002G000600 sbi + Chr02 No
Sobic.003G076900 sbi - Chr03 No
Solyc09g014300.2 sly - SL2.50ch09 No
Solyc10g085100.1 sly - SL2.50ch10 No
Spipo23G0004800 spo + pseudo23 No
TAE00140G004 tae + TGACv1_scaffold_210940_3AS No
TAE04894G001 tae + TGACv1_scaffold_094153_2AL No
TAE16404G001 tae + TGACv1_scaffold_221503_3B No
TAE21592G001 tae - TGACv1_scaffold_160574_2DL No
TAE33073G002 tae - TGACv1_scaffold_343124_4DL No
TAE50186G012 tae + TGACv1_scaffold_271450_3DS No
TAE53800G001 tae - TGACv1_scaffold_310374_4AS No zjn - Zjn_sc00002.1 No

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