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gene_id species strand chr outlier
Potri.002G257500 ptr + Chr02 No
Potri.003G136400 ptr + Chr03 No
Potri.004G166200 ptr - Chr04 No
Potri.005G110800 ptr - Chr05 No
Potri.008G171200 ptr - Chr08 No
Potri.010G066400 ptr + Chr10 No
Potri.010G167700 ptr - Chr10 No
Potri.014G126400 ptr - Chr14 No
Potri.T144100 ptr - scaffold_397 No
Pp3c16_13640 ppa - Chr16 No
Pp3c23_4520 ppa + Chr23 No
Pp3c24_8570 ppa - Chr24 No
Pp3c27_860 ppa - Chr27 No
Pp3c8_12060 ppa + Chr08 No
Pp3c8_12080 ppa - Chr08 No
Pp3c8_16130 ppa - Chr08 No
Seita.1G363100 sit + scaffold_1 No
Seita.9G228700 sit + scaffold_9 No
Seita.9G546200 sit - scaffold_9 No
SMO361G0288 smo - scaffold_2 No

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