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gene_id species strand chr outlier
PAB00060438 pab - MA_89637 No
PEQU_14989 peq - Scaffold001116 No
PEQU_35560 peq - Scaffold000966 No
PH01000119G0500 ped + PH01000119 No
PH01000150G0210 ped - PH01000150 No
PH01000770G0050 ped - PH01000770 No
PH01000800G0330 ped - PH01000800 No
PH01000800G0350 ped - PH01000800 No
PH01001573G0050 ped + PH01001573 No
PH01001720G0150 ped - PH01001720 No
PH01001754G0170 ped + PH01001754 Yes
PH01003686G0070 ped - PH01003686 Yes
PH01004584G0030 ped - PH01004584 No
Potri.001G013800 ptr - Chr01 No
Potri.001G229000 ptr + Chr01 No
Potri.003G212300 ptr + Chr03 No
Potri.006G191400 ptr + Chr06 No
Potri.009G022900 ptr + Chr09 No
Potri.016G047600 ptr - Chr16 No
Pp3c16_11440 ppa - Chr16 No

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